Dubrovnik Palace Hotel, Croatia

Dubrovnik Palace Hotel - Croatia

The Dubrovnik Palace Hotel was originally built in the early 1970s (1972 to be exact). It was immediately considered one of the most desirable hotels in Dubrovnik, open 365 days a year, and offered visitors high quality services.

Hotel is located just over 5 kilometers from the old Dubrovnik, offering guests peace in the shade of pine trees and beautiful panoramic views of the islands and open sea. This luxury hotel has 10 floors and has a capacity for 660 guests, which can be accommodated in rooms or apartments. A VIP zone is also available for those seeking the ultimate in atmosphere and luxury service.

Dubrovnik Palace Hotel Room Features:

– Balcony facing the sea
– Private bathroom
– The latest technology in rooms (TV, internet, etc.)
– Restaurants with traditional dishes
– Diving center owned by the hotel
– Tennis, running, fitness
– Spa and wellness centers with saunas, steam baths, massage parlors
– Conference centers with modern technology

What’s around

– Beach
– Walls of Dubrovnik – 4,8 km
– Copacabana Beach (40 minute walk)
– Gruz Harbor (40 minute walk)
– Dubrovnik Ferry Port (40 minute walk)
– Poluotok Lapad (5 minute walk)
– Luka Gruz (5-10 minute walk)
– University of Dubrovnik (25 minute walk)
– Gruz Open Market (30 minute walk)
– Pile Gate – 2.9 mi / 4,5 km
– Lapad Beach (10-15 minute walk)

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