Hotel Patara Viewpoint, Gelemis, Turquoise Coast – Turkey

Hotel Patara Viewpoint Gelemis Turquoise Coast - Turkey

Hotel Patara Viewpoint is located in a place with a beautiful view of the sandy beaches of Patara and the sea. The cozy restaurants in the village of Gelemiş are a short walk away, and along the way you can see the Roman ruins of Patara. The slopes of the hills are covered with olives, figs, walnuts and pomegranate.

Everything exudes a simple but refined charm that is in keeping with the rural settlement. The guests’ favorite place is the shaded terrace done in a traditional style, with low pillows. Here you can have fun talking to friends, reading a book or simply taking a nap in peace.

The service is excellent, the owners of the hotel also have a travel agency so they can ensure that guests take full advantage of the offer.

Specification Hotel Patara Viewpoint

  • Parking
  • Laundry
  • Pool
  • Wi-Fi
  • Beach

The rooms are not too big, they have a bathroom, they are decorated simply and elegantly with white linen. The good thing is that each room has a balcony and you can cool off with the available air conditioning or ceiling fan.

Breakfast is also in Turkish style, which means you have at your disposal delicious. Olives, cheese, homemade fresh bread, eggs, yogurt and many other delicious dishes and drinks. Interestingly, much of the food comes from its own greenhouse garden. Sandwiches are available all day as well as appetizers (Turkish cold appetizer) and occasionally an informal barbecue is organized.

On Fridays, a Turkish evening is organized for guests when they enjoy the program of local performers.

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