The Best Hotels on The Sea In Croatia – Part 1

hotels in Croatia

Most people are yet to believe that in a country like Croatia, hotels are also part of tourist activities. In other words, checking into some of the best hotels around can also make your visit to this place very colorful far more than you can ever imagine.

Are you planning to visit Croatia? Do you want to find out some of the best beach hotels around this place? If that is the case, there is absolutely no need to bother. This post will be aiming to reveal some of the best hotels on the sea in Croatia. These beach hotels are regularly having lots of guests and clients annually.

Hotel Bevanda – Opatija, Croatia

Hotel Bevanda is one of the best Croatian beach hotels and you will definitely be having good value for money. It has a combination of modern and vintage luxury facilities. There is a beach club, restaurant and lounge to ensure you have the ultimate fun.

The scenes are also very romantic. This makes it perfect for you and your partner. Even if you plan checking in for business purposes, your needs can still be met without any compromise.

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Hotel Bellevue – Mali Lošinj, Croatia

Hotel Bellevue was rated as one of the best beach hotels in Croatia in 2019. This isn’t far from the truth given what it has got to offer ranging from its pool to restaurant. There is a private beach for guests. In case you are thinking of a hotel which offers the perfect relaxation platform, Hotel Bellevue ticks all the boxes.

The facilities are top notch and you will be given the best of treatment to make your stay unforgettable. If you plan visiting Croatia during the holiday seasons, this is one hotel that can help fulfil your dreams.

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Hotel Navis  -Opatija, Croatia

This hotel has been built or constructed on a cliff. This is probably why it tends to be overlooking Adriatic Sea. It is one of those spots in Croatia you will visit and won’t forget in a hurry. It is different with some eye-catching scenes and breathtaking experiences to create those unforgettable moments.

Other popular attractions which seem to be very close to Hotel Navis are Church of St. Ana, Admiral Automat Klub and Galerija Antikvarija. This 5stay hotel is truly worth checking out today.

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Hotel Villa Astra – Lovran, Croatia

Villa Astra is another elegant hotel that you can check into in Croatia today. It is not only close to the sea but has wonderful activities that will ensure you have the best of fun during your visit. Imagine having breakfast on the beach with friends and loved ones. The rooms are very appealing too. There are also pools to ensure your relaxation is perfect. Spa treatments are also available.

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Remisens Premium Hotel Ambasador – Opatija, Croatia

The facilities you will find in this hotel are nothing short of impressive. The landscape pathway leading to the pools have been beautifully designed to enable you have a firsthand experience of luxury treatment. The eating points are remarkable. There is a restaurant, private beach, and spa to ensure you don’t miss the exciting moments.

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