Tourism and Hotels in Spain

Tourism and Hotels in Spain

Tourism and Hotels in Spain – The Spanish tourist industry is the 3rd most important industry to the economic life of the country after the banking/business and industrial sectors. The tourism industry contributes approximately 11% to the GDP of Spain. Beginning from the 1960s, Spain has been a famous tourist destination. Numerous tourists from the USA, Benelux, Italy, Germany, France, United Kingdom and Ireland travel to Spain for their summer holidays. The tourist industry of the country has increased to being the second-largest tourist industry globally. In February, 2019, Spain was awarded as the best place in the world for international tourism.

Some interesting statistics on the Spanish tourist industry

As at 2018, the second country with the highest number of tourists was Spain. It got a record-breaking 82.8 million tourists in 2018. Saint is known as the 10th best country with the best quality of life. Majority of the tourists that visit Spain are from Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, The US, Belgium, Portugal, Ireland, Switzerland, Russia, Argentina, China, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, Canada, Israel and Turkey.


Typically the official airline of the country is Iberia, however visitors can fly into the country with any of the numerously available international airlines as well as charter airlines. Typically, most tourists from neighbouring European countries also travel to Spain through rail, road and water. The Spanish road network that links the tourist destinations in the cities are also connected with the freeway road network from France across the area of the Pyrenees. The primary operator of the Spanish official tourism train service is RENFE, then there is also AVE – Spain’s fast speed train or alternatively Talgo train intercity services. The high speed link of the train network in Spain is Europe’s biggest railway network and coming in as the second biggest globally just after China. Also, there are numerous premium tourism related train services for hotels, an example of which is Transcantabrico.

Spanish summer tourists resorts and vacation beaches

This is a unique type of tourism that was primarily developed by Spain. It currently is the provider of the main revenue for the economy of Spain. It’s beautiful climate all year round with the expansive beaches found in the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean sea in addition to both archipelagosowned by the country – the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands, have been a major source of attraction to tourists from northern Europe

The rural and natural tourism of Spain

Within the European Union, Spain is known to be the second biggest country. With the presence of numerous ranges of mountain in the country, this had ultimately enhanced the Spanish already diverse landscape. An additionally impressive feature of the country is the vast coast which it has, which is because of the nature of Spain as being part of a peninsula. Additionally, you also have both coasts from both archipelagos of the country: the Canary islands and the Balearic Islands.

Hotels in Spain and hotel industry

The Spanish hotel and hospitality has closely benefitted from the tourist industry of Spain. Hotels typically range from 5 stars to 1 star. However, there are numerous collections if luxurious hotels which are highly rated by guests as well as experts in the hotel industry. The following are some of the best hotels in Spain.
1) Hotel Villa Magna
2) Maria Cristina
3) Marcella Club Hotel
4) Iberostar Grand El Mirador
5) Finca Cortesin Hotel
6) Mandarin Oriental Barcelona
7) Belmont La Residential
8) Villa Cornelius
9) Puente Romano Marcella
10) Alva Park Costa Brava
11) San Brill Hotel and Spa
12) Weston Palace Hotel, Madrid
13) Cap Today
14) Can Had
15) Marriott’s Marcella Beach Resort
16) Hotel the Serras, Barcelona