Tourism and Hotels in USA

Tourism and Hotels in USA

Tourism and Hotels in USA – The American tourist industry serves millions of visitors and tourists annually. In 2005, about 1.19 billion tourism-related trips were made in the USA.

Tours is one of the three biggest labour employers in about 29 states of the United States of America. It currently employed about 7.3 million or more people. Visitor tourists to the country spend most money in the United States more than other countries. It had the second largest amount of tourist visitors coming after just Spain and France.

The Prime tourist destinations in the USA

These famous cities in the USA are popular for the unusual attractions, bubbling city night life, cosmopolitan culture in addition to attractive shopping locations.

1) San Francisco

San Francisco is in located in the northern part of California and is the city in the USA with the largest population. It is a popular city in the USA. Among the popular attractive in the city are the Fisherman’s wharf and the City Lights Bookstore. It had about 25 million tourist visitors in 2016.

The orange-coloured golden gate bridge is also a famous landmarks of the city of San Francisco. The famous bridge connects the city of San Francisco and Marin city in Oakland.

2) New York, New York

The city of New York which is in the state of New York is the most- visited city in the United States. Furthermore, New York is among the top famous cities in the world. The city got about 60 million visitors in 2016 alone. It is located towards the eastern part of the United States.

Some of the famous landmarks of the city are the Empire state building, the new One world trade centre, the central park as well as the statue of liberty. The metropolitan Art Museum is also a famous tourist attraction in New York.

3) Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is the third USA city with the most population. It is the second in line among the most visited city in the USA, after New York. Because the city is sites on Lake Michigan’s shore and gets powerful gusts of sea wind, earning the city the name – the Windy city. While in Chicago there are opportunities for awesome arts scenes, expansive opportunities for shipping and unique Architecture.

4) Los Angeles

Known globally as the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles is one of the most popular cities in the USA. It is home to houses of several celebrities and global icons. It’s main attraction are Hollywood, it’s commercial clout, long coastlines and exquisite shopping opportunities. Los Angeles also has some amazing prices if architecture and has a diverse range of cultures.

Los Angeles is known as the city of Angels, because it is the place where people go to chase their dreams. Apart from that, Los Angeles is also home to globally known blue chip companies which have their headquarters in the world famous city. The city witnesses a yearly 65 million tourists.

Hotels in USA and hotel industry

Due to its appeal for entertainment, business, commercial, real estate and other form of opportunities, the USA hotel industry has some of the finest and most vibrant chain of hotels in the world. The following are some of the best hotels in the country.
1) Four Seasons Resort, Hawaii
2) Four Seasons Hotel, Surfside, Florida
3) The Peninsula, Chicago
4) Four Seasons Resort, Lanai
5) Four Seasons Hotel, Chicago
6) Acquaintance Resort and Spa, Florida
7) The Language, Chicago
8) Montage Kapalua Bay
9) Rancho Valencia Resort and Spa
10) Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills
11) The Peninsula Beverly Hills
12) The Inn and Club, Harbour Town
13) Four Seasons Resort, Maui
14) Fairmont Grand Del Mar
15) Four Seasons Hotel, Washington, DC.